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Nutrition Plans

When it comes to nutrition a lot of us have no clue what were doing. How do you know what to eat? how do you know how much to eat? What is a macro? Wolf's gym can help make your every day nutrition a little more stress free and have you on your way to your goal physique with out feeling like your doing another 12 week challenge.

With multiply options to choose from you can have all the hard calculations worked out for you, sit back and wait for your weekly or monthly nutrition update emailed straight to you. Multiply options and dieting styles available even optional training plans to match.

One thing a lot of people fail is not matching Training and Nutrition with these options the only thing you need to do is adhere and you will get results.

Have a look below and see which option suits you best or contact us directly and lets talk!

Transformation/ Entry level nutrition

Intermediate Level Nutrition

Competitive Level Nutrition 

On this program you will receive an 

initial start up nutrition plan followed by weekly check ins for a minimum period of

12 weeks (3months).

This will help you transform your body 

and give you the tools to have continued success in weight management.

On this program you will receive an

initial start up nutrition plan plus a start up resistance training program to match.

Unlike the entry level program this is

for individuals who believe they are 

pass just weight lose alone and wanting 

to reach there full potential.

This program is geared more towards anyone who wishes to excel in there

given sport. You will receive a start up 

nutrition plan and resistance training program to suit your endeavors.

Followed by weekly check ins and 24/7 support via WhatsApp or Email to answer any questions you may have.


Tel: 09 836-0600


Mon - Thurs: 9am - 8pm (staffed hours)

Friday: 9am-6pm     Sat:9am-midday

Members 24hour access

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