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Wolf's Gym was first established way back in 2010 for the sole purpose of supplying the local area with a high standard of fitness equipment and a suitable atmosphere for not only your everyday gym goer but also the more serious committed athlete.


At that time there weren't many options in regards to that. There were gyms but nothing that gave you that feeling of 'wanting to be your best' the feeling you got was that you were about to partake in a chore.

The doors opened for Wolf's and that changed a lot of the industry, there was a new standard and it was about time.


With all-new equipment freshly imported from USA  plate and pin loaded which you only saw in magazines and everything made of iron rather than rubber-coated, this was the place to be. Hearing the metal clang around after every rep and the music blasting was just what you needed to get motivated. Years later we have kept that vibe and rolled with it.


After being open for a few years we noticed another missing component in the local gym scene, No gyms were 24/7?
What's worse than finishing work late and knowing you cant train as your local gym closes early? So Wolf's became a 24/7 gym and was one of the first to do so in Henderson. 


As the years go by there is more and more gyms popping up and all have their appeal but just remember, at the end of the day it isn't the gym that will make or break your results, it is you and only you who will dictate your success in your fitness journey. 

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