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Please motivate me!

I get asked this question by clients multiple times a week, and I’m going to tell you exactly what I tell them — Stop looking for motivation.

Finding motivation is fairly easy. There are social media accounts that post motivational quotes everyday, or you might look at a picture of some celebrity whom you admire. That’s the easy part. But the truth about a fitness journey is, you’re NOT going to feel motivated every day. Nobody does.

What you need isn’t motivation, it’s discipline. Because on days when you don’t feel motivated, it’s only going to be discipline that gets you moving. Find friends who will hold you accountable, and make sure you stick to your program. At Wolfs Gym people who are at various stages of their fitness journeys come together to support each other. You can either join a group like this, or build your own group with friends who will make sure you don’t slack off.

Remember, motivation is overrated. Discipline is what makes the difference! Now get out there and enjoy your fitness journey.

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